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Texas Competes Statement on Government Intrusion into Family Healthcare

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Texas Competes strongly opposes the State of Texas’ attempt to violate parents’ rights to decide what is best for their children. Medical decisions should remain between the family and their doctor.
For years, Texas Competes has been the voice of thousands of Texas job creators on the business case for LGBTQ people to have the freedom to be themselves. Every year, we face creative new attempts to curtail the rights of LGBTQ Texans. We are gravely concerned about this week’s use of non-binding opinions to attempt to insert the state into parents’ private medical decisions for the best interests of their children. Many of our members are hearing from employees who are deeply afraid they will face an impossible choice between saving their kids’ lives and keeping their families intact.
LGBTQ people are our neighbors, friends, loved ones, co-workers, and ourselves — and a vital part of Texas’ communities and workforce. We are tired of seeing LGBTQ Texans and their loved ones living in a perpetual state of fear. When Texas sends this dangerous message, it is at stark odds with our members’ values and competitiveness — especially in a climate where all sectors have struggled to recruit and retain a talented workforce. We oppose any attempts to separate loving families; to criminalize lifesaving care; and to force teachers and medical professionals to place families in danger.
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