Texas Competes’ mission is to provide a unified voice for the Texas business community on the clear economic and business case for a Texas that offers fair treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. That unified voice takes the form of the Texas Competes pledge. Business competitiveness on LGBT issues is not defined only by internal workplace policies. The competitiveness of the Texas economy and the businesses that drive it are also impacted by the brand that the state projects on LGBT issues. The Texas Competes pledge creates an opportunity for business leaders to clarify their shared economic interests in a fair and welcoming Texas for LGBT people.


What is Texas Competes?

Texas Competes is a coalition of businesses and pro-business organizations united by the recognition of the business case for equality in our state and our communities, and a desire to keep Texas competitive and economically vibrant. Texas Competes is not a political or lobbying organization.

What is expected of Texas Competes pledge signatories?

The most basic engagement with Texas Competes is signing the pledge. Texas Competes will display logos & names of signatories on its website, and signatories will be publicly identified as having signed the Texas Competes pledge in support of an LGBT-welcoming environment in the state. Texas Competes provides ongoing education to pledge signers on relevant issues. There is no financial requirement for pledge signatories.

What issues will Texas Competes take public stances on?

Texas Competes is not a grassroots or direct lobbying organization, and will not endorse or oppose any pending legislation.